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Algascrub Energizes

30 minutes

A 100% natural mixture of Algae, sea salt, and premium oils for a "scrub" massage. Exfoliating, moisturizing, nourishing, elasticizing, strengthening, toning and revitalizing. The aromatherapy effect energizes the body and leads to an overall sensation of well-being. Active Ingredients: Guam Algae mix, marine salts, mixture of plat oils -Jojoba, Oenothera, Mint, Lemon, Rosemary.

Nourishing Body Scrub with Omega 3

30 minutes

The fine butters, oils and omega 3 nourish and restore the Hydrolipid film, preventing dehydration. Helps to increase absorbsion of Guam Seaweed Mud wrap. Active Ingredients: Chlorella Seaweed with Vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals: Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. Also contains high volumes of Omega 3 from oils such as: Sunflower, Corn, jojoba Seed and sesame Seed.

Gentle Body Scrub

30 minutes

Non-abrasive exfoliating gel that gently eliminates surface impurities and unclogs pores to reveal clearer, softer and smoother skin. Features a dual exfoliating action that's both mechanical with jojoba beads and polyethylene waxes and chemical with sodium salicylate Soothes and softens with Avène Thermal Spring Water. Excellent skin tolerance.

Cellulite* Guam Seaweed Mud

80 minutes

Visible results with the very first applications. The most popular body wrap in Harrods. Cellulite*: it refers solely to imperfections in the skin's appearance, fatty deposits under the skin and all other skin blemishes involving characteristic dimpling.

DREN for Oedema – Water Retention

80 minutes

The drawing, balancing and restoring action of Guam Algae combined with Green Tea, Sea Salt and Clay, Assist in removing the build up of water and toxins from within the tissues giving a slimming effect.

Heavy Legs Poor Circulation

60 minutes

GUAMbexter cooling Bandages are specifically designed for heavy and swollen legs. They will increase the circulation and reduce any swelling, leaving the legs feeling light and refreshed.

Tummy and Waist For Men and women

60 minutes

The stimulating and re-mineralising properties of GUAM Algae, combined with the specific actions produced by Escina (a derivative of horse chestnut that protects and drains the vessels) and Caffeine (that stimulates the movement of cutaneous fat).


40 minutes

Firms and tones breasts, prevents and restores wrinkled cleavage!
Nourishing breast mud to restore the Hydrolipid film and stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin. Also reduces wrinkles, and firms and tones the Breasts for a smoother more flattering cleavage.

Universal Contour Wrap

120 minutes

A pure inch loss and detoxifying treatment helping to reduce cellulite and water retention. Guaranteed to loose 6 inches first treatment or your money back.

The Most Powerful Anti- Stress Treatments

120 minutes

An exotic experience of ultimate relaxation magically mixes age-old traditions and rituals of beautification from across the continents. Your journey begins with a Mediterranean Body Exfoliation, softening the skin for a sublime Egyptian Precious Milk Soak. Next, an Indian Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage awakens the senses in preparation for the relaxing powers of an Oriental Body Wrap. Includes Reflexology Elements. Your journey concludes with a cup of Indoceane Green Tea. Final Destination - Heaven!


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