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"I visited Urszula for a facial last week, and I have been amazed by the results! I had the Bellapeel facial as I have always been interested in Microdermabrasion, I like facials that guarantee results. The silk peel I feel is the perfect facial, this works similarly to Microdermabrasion with the diamond tip which exfoliates the skin however this is a wet facial, the special tip sucks any impurities out of your pores whilst applying a moisture rich liquid which was chosen for my skin type. (combination skin) Urszula really loves what she does, I felt really relaxed during the treatment. My skin was prepped, steamed, and the Bellapeel was run over my face. What is great about Bellapeel it doesn't leave your skin feeling red and raw like Microdermabrasion it is hydrated and looks great without needing make up. A number of my friends said my facial looked like it was glowing! I definitely want to visit Urszula again to keep my skin looking great!"

*Elena* Full time mum

"The approach to Violet is very serene, it's nestled beside the small park Violet Hill Gardens on Violet Hill. I knew the road from Coldplay's song Violet Hill which is a protest song inspired by John Lennon and named after Abbey Road studios round the corner. True fact. On arrival to Violet clinic though, the music is less rock and more panpipe ambient Zen. Upon arrival to the oasis of calm I was given green tea and taken to the therapy room. The couple that run the clinic know their stuff and are passionate about doing things properly. The bespoke treatment I had was the most 'bespoke' I've ever had. Based on my back pain, muscle tightness and other factors I received a reiki/cupping/reflexology blend that incorporated deep tissue, Thai and Swedish massage techniques. I felt properly relaxed afterwards and thoroughly recommend visiting."

*Louis* Designer

"The location and premises are extremely nice, off in a little street, with a small park nearby. I had a massage with Daniel. I can only say this was the best massage I ever had. Daniel went 20 minutes overtime to finish, so he was certainly not saving himself. He is also very knowledgeable and I could really feel how he was working each muscle carefully. He knows several techniques and asked me what I wanted so that he could offer me the best possible massage for my needs. It is not cheap, but in my opinion it is worth every penny: I really felt the difference for a long time! I will definitely go back!"

*James* Musician

"I love this skin peel and the way it makes my skin feel so incredibly clean. I love Ursula and the great advice she gives regarding skin care. She is both very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has acne prone or problem skin."

*Loretta* Banking manager

"This salon is a complete gem! My 'Daniel's Therapy' massage was possibly the best massage I have ever had - completely relaxing, and managed to get all those problem areas in my neck and back which give me the most pain and stiffness. I felt that Daniel listened to me before the massage, explained what the treatment entailed, and checked throughout that things were ok. If I had may way I would have one of these every week, I can't recommend this place highly enough."

*Arkadius* Designer

"This spa is lovely - totally unexpected. Brilliant décor, nothing cheesy or cheap about it. I had THE BEST massage ever, truly bespoke and Daniel combined a number of massage techniques perfectly. TIP TOP - I cannot recommend Daniel or his spa enough!"

*Terry* Sales Director

"Warm and friendly welcome, the spa is hidden in the quiet corner in St. John's Wood. Very spacious, relaxing environment that makes you feel comfortable straight away. Daniel, the therapist is very knowledgeable about his skills, and you can tell from the different techniques he used using the bespoke massage. He's very detailed with how he's going to do with your body during the treatment, which makes you feeling safe having a male therapist working on you. What a lovely experience, top marks."

*Kati* Lawyer

"A sanctuary of peace, a haven of tranquillity, a place of relaxation, healing and revitalization."

*Tatiana* IT manager

"Wow! I have to say that this has to be one of the best treatments I've ever had. From the moment I was greeted at the door I was made to feel very special and welcome. I was given some delicious green tea while I filled in my form and then was taken to the lovely treatment room. My therapist Daniel was incredible, he really knew what he was doing and got into places that released so much pressure and tension. I cam out feeling as light as a feather. I will definitely go back, absolutely perfect!"

*Misha* Hairdresser

"Very nice place. I was welcomed with a green tea. the ambience was wonderful. I felt relax and welcomed. the place is very tidy and clean. The lady was very friendly and professional. She gave me a lots of good tips and her advice are very caring. I don't have lot of money but I wanna take care of my skin and I was a bit apprehensive because it is St-john's wood area. You'd think I might ended up paying the maximum but it was not. you don't feel force to do more or to buy product. I would recommend this place and I will go back myself because she really care of the well being of her costumer."

*John* Architect

"This is a little neighbourhood spa which is pretty cute. The therapist was very knowledgeable and passionate about massage. The spa was very clean and friendly. I recommend the experience especially if you like strong massages."

*Helena* Sales manager

"I absolutely loved it. I wanted to feel energised after the massage and I certainly did and still do the day after. The Spa was luxurious and very relaxing, Daniel was very professional and attentive. He explained what would happen during my treatment, I felt relaxed and well pampered. I would love to have the same treatment again."

*Nancy* Lawyer

"I had a facial with Ursula a couple of months ago. She was terrific and the facial was very cleansing and restorative. In November I went back for a massage with Daniel. Super massage! Invigorating and relaxing."

*Harriet* Journalist

"The venue was situated on a very nice quiet road. The décor was chic and soothing. The hospitality and professionalism was excellent. My friend and I had a very delightful experience. We would wholly recommend this place and treatment to all.

*Haifa* House of Saud

"Daniel, gave me a fantastic massage he is really knowledgeable on all areas of the body which I appreciated. After 90 minutes I felt every area of my body was relaxed, every time I visit this spa I feel a sense of serenity. Daniel really loves what he does and it shows in his treatment of guests."

*Anna* Art Director

"The treatment was amazing, you felt the same effects as you do after microdermabrasion but there was absolutely non of the embarrassing redness. The therapist was even better than the treatment, she actually read the pre-treatment questionnaire and then made helpful suggestions on how your dietary choices etc. would affect your skin and how to combat the problems."

*Bob* Office worker

"I LOVED THIS SPA. The owners run the place so they recognise the importance of customer service and how our experience would impact the reputation of their salon. The couple were both very friendly. The silk peel treatment itself wasn't very long, however, there was a detailed personalised consultation of your skin and personalised recommendation. I also had some waxing done, which was good. I would recommend this salon if you are looking for a personalised boutique kind of experience as opposed to a chain. I will definitely be going back!" *Manuela* GP

"This is one of the best beauty clinic in Europe. Violet clinic has the most skilled, professional and friendly staff I've ever come across. A unique place of luxury and relaxation. This is without doubt the best spa in London."

*Cathrine* student

"I have had about 4 Bellapeel treatments and I am amazed and grateful for this new treatment. It is the first thing which has really helped my acne condition. It is not just for women!"

*Jim* CEO

"Ursula is the best beauty therapist l have ever seen. I have sought treatment for very dry skin and hyper pigmentation for many years. Ursula's treatments are the first to have made my skin tone smooth, even, and looking younger....without the use of harsh chemicals. I am delighted!!!"

*Leda *Master GYROTONIC

"Now we know my secret!"

*Katie* Television journalist

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